Sunday, October 17, 2010

Post: The Paula Abdul Of Games

I know that I've been called the "Quentin Tarantino" of games in the press, and while that's truly flattering, I've now got steeper accolade: This boy's lifelong dream of becoming the "Paula Abdul of the games industry" has finally come to be! Thanks Activision, for asking me to sit as a judge on America's Next Top Game Maker, or The Activision Indie Games Competition, or whatever you call this incredibly large stack of games that's sitting on my desk here.

Note to Activision: There's a certain incongruousness in ringing my doorbell with a box of indie games at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Ms. Abdul needs her beauty rest - and then she needs some "really cheery ohs" - a bowl of Oxycodone drenched in Screaming Eagle Cabernet, eaten with a spoon. (I'm suddenly in the mood for breakfast-for-dinner.) Also, how am I supposed to seduce the contestants if I don't know who they are?

xOXo The Paula Abdul of Games